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Hey world,
Welcome to my blog, Gofullform! I’m Krishna Bhandari, a professional blogger from Pune, India. I started Gofullform as a passion,

When people get to know about 'Gofullform' the first reaction is always “It’s a great initiative and there is definitely a need for something like this.” But then the questions come “Why are you doing this? Do you make any money by doing this? What do you stand to gain by investing so much effort?”

I wanted to bridge this ‘Digital Divide’ and despite staying far away from my parents, I wanted to teach them about the internet. I wanted them to experience all the wonderful things we do online and sometimes take for granted. In just a few years, Email, online video, chatting, Facebook, and Twitter have changed our lives and how we communicate with each other!
We have become used to the internet and so dependent on it that it’s almost impossible to imagine the world, without it.

But even today, only about 12-15% of India is online. My parents are part of this ‘connected’ 15%… educated, with a computer and broadband connectivity at home… yet they knew so little about the internet. I thought there may be many others like them, who can be reached via the internet in a low-cost way and I started ‘Gofullform.’ 

How will these people, who will be coming online for the first time know what to do? How to navigate the internet and how to do the things that are ‘second nature’ to us? Will they learn by themselves? Will these things be taught in schools? Will they access the internet from PCs, tablets or mobiles? The answers will unfold with time and we can all have our own predictions.
One thing is sure, a large mass of humanity is going to come online for the first time in history and they will want to consume content in their own language.
Now let’s come to the question Why Gofullform?’
The is an attempt at sharing my knowledge with those who are curious and those who want to learn about the internet today to carve a better tomorrow for themselves.
Here at Gofullform, A blog which provides knowledge tutorials. computer tips make money, social media, SEO, and making money online etc.

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