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Full form of TGT | Get all information about TGT

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TGT Full Form - What is TGT?

TGT full form = Trained Graduate Teacher

TGT full form is Trained Graduate Teacher, it is called a trained graduate teacher in Hindi and as you must have understood by reading the full form of TGT what TGT is. So let's talk about its other general information.

The TGT and PGT exams are conducted at the state level. To apply for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) Examination, the candidate should be admitted for Graduate and B.Ed. It is mandatory to be there and for the PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) Examination, the candidate should be a post-graduate with B.Ed. Passing is also mandatory. If the candidate passes the TGT exam then he can teach us a teacher to children from 6th Class to 10th Class. If the candidate passes the PGT exam then he can teach children from 10th Class to 12th Class.

Full form of TGT | Get all information about BAMS

TGT is not a course. TGT is a title given to a Graduate who has completed training in teaching. Therefore, TGT is a graduate who is trained in teaching. If you are a graduate and have completed your B.Ed, then you are already a TGT and do not require any teacher training to become a TGT. The TGT teacher is qualified to teach students under Class 10 Graduates in any field of study including Class 10 students are eligible for the TGT entrance exam.

What is the educational qualification for TGT

The candidate of TGT must have certain educational qualifications. Let us know what should be the educational qualification of a candidate for TGT. If you want to become your Career in Teaching, then it is very important to be a Graduate from any recognized university and you should have a B.Ed, M.Ed or BTC certificate as a Teacher Certificate example.

The maximum age limit for this government rule. For TGT you must be between 21 and 60 years old. For your information, we would like to tell you that a written test for TGT is conducted at the state level and in this exam you have to pass 85% marks. After passing the written examination, you have to get 10% marks in Personal Interview. If you pass the TGT exam then you can teach children from 6th class to 10th class.

Topics taught by TGT

Many types of subjects are taught in TGT. Some of the topics taught by TGT are as follows -

  • English.
  • Science.
  • Math.
  • History.
  • Geography.
  • Economics.
  • Regional language.

TGT is required for Teaching, only on having this qualification can a teacher be made, that too up to high school only PGT is required. If one has to do a teacher's job in Junior High School, then TGT Examination is to be done only after that. There is an exam for TGT and after passing the exam there is an interview and only then the final selection is made.

After the final selection, the school has to be selected. In today's time, the newly recruited TGT Teacher is getting around 45000 to 47000 rupees per month salary. TGT Junior High School is the mastery, which is admitted by examination.

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