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Full form of DCA | SALARY after DCA?

Full form of DCA, What is DCA Full form, What is DCA Syllabus?, Qualification for DCA, SALARY after DCA?, Admission in DCA? What is the full name of DCA, What is DCA, DCA Full Name and Meaning, all such questions You will find the answers in this post?

DCA Full form | What is DCA?

DCA Full form = Diploma in Computer Application

Full form of DCA is a Diploma in Computer Application. D.C.A. Part-Time 1 Year Diploma Level is a computer course. DCA is run by Computer Centers in almost all states of India. If you want to get computer skills then this course is best for you. In which computerized basic computer skills, online official work, documentation, D.T.P. Knowledge of Publication, Hindi, English typing work programming and Internet Basics work-seeker information can be obtained.

It is a one-year or six-month diploma course in the field of computers. Friends, any student can do this course after completing 10+ 2 and graduation. This course is organized by many colleges. But the most important thing about this course is that many colleges do this course in six months and most colleges do this course in one year only.

Full form of DCA | SALARY after DCA?

This course is specially designed for those candidates who want to increase their knowledge in Computer Applications. In this, students are taught about MS Office, Internet Applications, Operating System, Database Management System, HTML, C Programming etc.

What is DCA Syllabus?

DCA syllabus is different from every university or institute but I have given below some common applications which are mostly in all universities and institute, but I would suggest that before joining DCA course in any university, the syllabus must know there, Do it.

  1. English typing
  2. Accounting with Tally
  3. Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  4. Fundamentals of Computers & Information Technology
  5. Operating System (DOS, Windows, Linux)
  6. Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  7. Problem Solving and Programming through C Language

ELIGIBILITY / Qualification for DCA

Minimum Qualification for DCA is 10 + 2. You can also do this after Graduation or Post-Graduation. This course does not require any minimum cut-off for admission and any person who has passed high school can take admission in it.

Top Colleges conducting DCA Course:

  1. NIIT
  2. University of Mumbai
  3. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  4. University of Madras, Chennai
  5. University of Allahabad
  6. Madras Christian College, Chennai
  7. Lovely Professional University, Punjab
  8. Sai Nath University, Ranchi
  9. What job can I do after DCA?
  10. DAV College, Jalandhar etc.
  11. Indira Gandhi National Open University

After completing DCA you may have many career prospects and all fields are open to you. The person who has completed DCA can apply as a computer operator. He may be placed at a clerical level such as receptionist, computer operator or cybercafe owner. He can also work in BPO. A DCA diploma holder can perform basic computer tasks and also become an accountant. He can also become a computer teacher at the primary level or open a computer learning centre. Anyone who wants to increase their computer operating skills should take a DCA course as they can become aware of the basic utilities of the computer. Computer operators, web designers, accountants, software developers, C ++ developers, etc. are the profiles that are easily available to DCA courses.

How to get Admission in DCA?

There is usually no examination or test for admission in DCA. Because of this, students pursuing DCA courses can take Direct Admission in Colleges. For Admission, students should go to the website of that college or go directly to the college and fill the Admission Form by conducting Admission inquiry. The thing to keep in mind here is that seats in the college are fixed and in colleges where there is no admission test, admission must be taken before filling the seats. Admission has a higher percentage of 10 + 2. Admission in colleges pursuing DCA runs from April to June.

How much is SALARY after DCA:

It is important to know here that Salary is not uniform after doing any professional course, not only DCA. It depends on different things. For example, if a computer operator works after a DCA, then he will get less salary than a C ++ developer. Here is the approximate salary to be paid after doing DCA:

Job Description - Annual salary

  1. C ++ Developer - 3 to 6 Lakhs
  2. Accountant - 1 to 3.5 Lakh
  3. Computer Operator - 2 to 3 Lakhs
  4. Software Developer - 2 to 6 Lakhs
  5. Web Designer - 2.5 to 5 Lakhs

DCA Course Fees:

DCA course fees vary from college to college. Some colleges offer these courses in just 4-5 thousand, while the big and established colleges charge up to Rs 20,000 for DCA course. Overall, it can be assumed that the fee range of this course is 5000 - 20000 rupees.

DCA COURSE specializes in the following areas:

  1. Accounting
  2. E-commerce
  3. ERP Basics
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Internet basics
  6. Technical Writing
  7. Operating Systems
  8. Basic Computer Skills
  9. MS Office Applications
  10. PC Assembly and Networking
  11. Graphic Design and Animation
  12. Software Design and Engineering

Hello friends, I hope you liked this post of Full form of DCA - Computer DCA Course. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then you can comment below and post this post with your friends, Also must share.

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