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Full form of CA | How to become a CA?

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CA Full form - How to become a CA?

Full form of CA = Chartered Accountant

Full form of CA is a Chartered Accountant. Friends CA's job is to check the accounts of companies. CA works as an Accountant in a company. It is a professional designation in the field of Finance Sector. A CA is a highly qualified professional who examines the accounting of taxation of financial problems of the country. There are Chartered Accountants of India ICAI Institute National Professional Accounting Organization in India which controls the profession of Cost and Management Accountancy.

Full form of CA | How to become a CA?

In today's time, CA is considered a very prestigious career in our country. After becoming a CA, you can earn a lot of money. The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) is a Governing Body which conducts examination conduct for CA. Students clearing the Institute's Final Exam get a good job as a Qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) in the industry. To do CA, you have to pass three exams viz.

Qualification to become a CA

CA You must have some special abilities. For the entrance exam of this course, you must have passed 12th class. Only then you can apply for the entrance exam of CA. The most special thing that you should know is that students of this arts commerce science stream can also give this exam. You do not need any percentage for CA entrance exam. To pass its entrance exam, it is enough to pass your 12th class.

How to become a CA?

To become a CA, you have to take its course. You can take the CA course both ways after 12th class or after Graduation. Friends, if you want to do CA after 12th, then you have to give CPT entrance test, and if you want to do this course after Graduation, then you do not need to give CPT entrance test, but if Commerce Graduate has scored less than 55% in Graduation and other Graduates (Arts, Science) have scored less than 60% in Graduation, then it will have to give CPT Entrance Test.

After passing the CPT entrance exam or after passing Graduation (minimum 55% in commerce and minimum 60% marks in others), the students have to register for IPCC, and then pass all its exams. After passing both the IPCC groups, the student has to register for 3 years of practical training, for your information, tell this training is called Artikleship. This training is done under a practising CA.

If you want, you can give the CA Final Exam 6 months before the completion of 3 years of Articleship. In this, you have to clear the exam at a very advanced level. After passing the CA Final exam and completing the GMCS program conducted by ICAI, you get a membership from ICAI. After this, you can put CA in front of your name.

CA work

The work of a CA is very easy but it is very responsible. The job of a CA is in the field of finance and business. He provides professional advice to the company on financial matters. There are many important tasks a company performs in CA such as -

  1. The job of a CA is to prepare and maintain Accounting Statements.
  2. Forensic accounting of a CA involves the detection and prevention of fraud.
  3. The job of a CA is to routinely analyze Financial Statements and Risk.
  4. The job of a CA is to conduct a financial audit to verify the financial position of the company.
  5. The job of a CA is to provide financial advice related to tax planning, business transactions, bankruptcy, mergers and joint ventures.

Job and salary after CA

In a CA, Professionals in domestic companies get Rs 20,000-205,000 per month at Junior Level and Rs 40,000-55,000 per month at Senior Level. And after two to three years of experience in this, the same amount reaches around 60,000-80,000 rupees per month. Foreign companies are placing CAs on packages worth lakhs. Salary also increases as the experience increases.

Chartered Accountants Demand

According to the Times of India, in April of 2018, there was only 2.82 lakh CAs in India and of which only 1.25 lakh were in full-time practice. This means that only 44% of the total CAs were actively working. The demand for CA is greater than ever, given the fact that India has 6.8 crore taxpayers and more businesses are setting up each year.

So, this is the right time to come to the CA bandwagon and pursue this highly fruitful career. Employment opportunities are high and more likely to grow as more startups and businesses are being set up.

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