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Full form of BAMS | Get all information about BAMS

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Full form of BAMS - What is BAMS?

The BAMS full form = Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

Full form of BAMS is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, it is called Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in Hindi. And as you have read the full form of BAMS, you will understand what BAMS is. So let's talk about other general information about it now.

The BAMS is an undergraduate degree awarded to those in the medical field who have completed five and half-year medicine courses, including a one-year internship. To take admission in BAMS course, 12th standard education with minimum qualification science should be completed. After passing the 12th standard, the student is required to pass the state or national level BAMS entrance examination to get admission in the concerned medical college.

Full form of BAMS | Get all information about BAMS

After completion of BAMS, the candidate is awarded the title of Ayurvedavacharya from a recognized university, which means an expert in the understanding and practice of Ayurveda. The structure and surgery of the Bachelor course of Ayurvedic medicine is a combination of integrated systems of both modern medicine and traditional Ayurveda. In the Ayurvedic education system, it has a prominent place in the prevention of all types of diseases, including the restructuring of the patient's lifestyle to align with the course of nature and the 6 seasons. In today's time, Ayurvedic studies are also known as alternative medicine. These types of alternative medicine courses are offered by various institutes across India.

The BAMS course covers modern anatomy, a theory of modern medicine, theory of surgery, ENT, pharmacology and many more, as well as a thorough study of Ayurveda subjects. Ayurveda has been considered an ancient system of medicine since India. Ayurveda not only explains about treatment but it also provides solutions to prevent recurrence of many diseases. According to Ayurveda, illness or diseases arise due to three types of diseases in the human body such as -

  • Pitta
  • Kapha
  • Vata

In today's time, Ayurvedic treatment is increasing all over the world. And most people are increasing their attention towards Ayurveda medicine and due to this, Ayurveda is going to be very popular in the coming time.

Qualification for BAMS

Friends, you should know what are the qualifications required to take admission in BAMS. First of all, if we talk then the age of the aspirant should be 17 years or above. And the candidate needs to pass the Intermediate Examination. And remember the second most important thing is that the aspirant needs to pass the Intermediate from Physics Chemistry Maths.

BAMS Subjects

  • Sanskrit
  • Charak
  • Rog Vidhan
  • Kaumarbharitya
  • Dravyaguna
  • Kayachikitsa
  • Sharir kriya
  • Shalya Tantra
  • Padarth vigyan
  • Shalakya Tantra
  • Share Rachna
  • History of Ayurveda
  • Ashtang sangreh
  • Prasuti Tantra
  • Rasshasrta & Baishiya Kalona

Course of BAMS

Under the BAMS course, different types of subjects are taught, you can see the names of all these below.

  • Physical Anatomy
  • Ophthalmology
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Principal of Therapy
  • Principal of Surgery
  • Forensic medicine
  • Ear nose-throat therapy
  • Toxicology

Areas of employment after BAMS

After doing BHMS course, you can easily find jobs in government hospitals, private hospitals, and laboratories etc. In the wake of taking a BAMS course, some broad business territories are given below.

  • Hospitals
  • Medical tourism
  • Health centres
  • Educational Institutes
  • Private Practice
  • Pancha Karma (Massage) Centers
  • Herbal Product Manufactures

Job profile after BAMS

  • Nurse
  • Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Consultants
  • Kaya chikitaka
  • Researcher
  • Nutrition Expert
  • Shalya Chikitaka
  • Production manager
  • Medical officer
  • Ayurvedic Supervisors

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