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Full form of ACC - What is the history of ACC?

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ACC Full form | What is the history of ACC?

ACC Full form = Associated Cement Companies

Full form of ACC is Associated Cement Companies. It was earlier known as Associated Cement Companies (ACC). The Associated Cement Companies (ACC) is said to be the most prominent manufacturer of Cement and Finished Mix Concrete in India nowadays. Its head office is located at Maharishi Karve Road, Mumbai, which is also known as Cement House. Friends, we hope that you have come to know the full form of ACC, so now let's get more general information about it.

Full form of ACC - What is the history of ACC?

ACC is known worldwide as a very good company as it has 17 state-of-the-art cement factories and about 60 ready-mixed concrete plants and a vast distribution network and sales offices across the country.

Since the establishment of the ACC company, it is considered a trendsetter and well-known benchmark in cement and concrete technology. Mr Neeraj Akhauri is the CEO of ACC Company until October 2017. It is recognized for being one of the established companies in our entire country for challenging conferences and fulfilling our promises.

History of ACC

ACC Limited The history of the company has been very interesting and you will also be surprised to know about how it became such a big company in such a short time. First, the ACC Limited Company was established in August 1936 as Associated Cement Company Limited by the merger of ten existing cement companies.

ACC Limited Company established India's first fully indigenous cement plant in 1944 in Chaibasa, Bihar. Then in 1944 1956, it established a bulk cement depot at Okhla in New Delhi. Now it started growing slowly and in 1965, it established the Central Research Station in Thane.

ACC Limited Company acquired Cement Marketing Company of India in Yr.1973. In 1978, it introduced the Prolicinator technology in India for the first time.

It now became known to almost the entire country, then it started its first 1 MPTA plant in Wadi, Karnataka in 1982 and the same year it established the Bulk Cement Corporation of India through a joint venture with the Government of India.

Now this company grew rapidly every year and on July 7, 2008, it established ACC Cement Technology Institute in Jamul. In September 2009, it established a coal washery in Jamul. Subsequently, in 2010, it started a 2.5 MW windmill project in Maharashtra. In 2011, it received ISO 9001-2008 certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) AS certification services.

Some key information related to ACC

  1. This company was established in 1936.
  2. The first Chairman was Sir Nowroji B Saklatvala.
  3. The management control of this company was taken over by Swiss cement major Holcim in 2004.
  4. In 2006 the name of this company was changed from Associated Cement Companies to ACC Cement.
  5. The Chairman of this company is N. S. Sekhsaria.
  6. The MD and CEO of this company are Neeraj Akhoury.
  7. The headquarter of this company is located at Maharishi Karve Road, Mumbai.
  8. The total revenue of this company is 113.927 Billion Rupees.
  9. The total net income of this company is 10.9576 Billion Rupees.
  10. The total Assets of this company is 120.9359 Billion Rupees.
  11. The total number of employees in this company is 10,000.

Main products of ACC

Main products of ACC such as -

  1. Bulk cement
  2. Premium Cement
  3. Portland cement
  4. Ready Mixed Concrete
  5. Ready Mixed Concrete Value Added Products

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