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Full form of SSLC | What is the full name of SSLC?

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Full form of SSLC  - What is SSLC?

The SSLC Full form is Secondary School Leaving Certificate

The SSLC full form is the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. It means the Secondary School Leaving Certificate in Hindi. As you would have understood by reading the SSLC Full form, what is SSLC, then let's talk about other general information about it.

This is the Certification given by the University after a successful ending of an examination at the end of studies at the level of secondary school in India. Secondary school is commonly known as Class 10 Board Examination in India. Students can get SSLC after passing their Class 10 board examination.

What is the full form of SSLC?

After obtaining SSLC, a student can apply for pre-university course popularly known as +2 education in India. After completing class 12, he can apply for graduation in any university as per his choice.

Importance of SSLC

SSLC certificate is very important. You get this certificate after studying in Secondary School. Without this certificate, you will not be allowed to study in the same college nor any other college for higher school. Friends, if you do not have any of your birth certificates. And you need to place a Birth Certificate at someplace. So you can also apply the SSLC Certificate. This certificate of your Birth Certificate also works.

SSLC Classification of Education

Schooling in India is divided into 4 groups -

(1). Play Group - Playgroup is the earliest and smallest level of education. Under this, Nursery, Pre Nursery, K.G., L.K.G., U.K.G. And so on come.

(2). Primary Schooling - Primary Schooling is known as the first five years of education. This is the second level of education from where the study of writing begins. Under this, classes from 1 to 5 are incorporated. 

(3). Secondary Schooling - Secondary Schooling is known as education for the next five years, from class 6th to class 10th. This is the third level of education. It consists of the next five years of education and covers classes from 6 to 10.

(4). Higher Secondary Schooling - Higher Secondary Schooling is the last two years of schooling from class 10th to class 12th. This is the fourth degree of instruction under which eleventh, twelfth, Graduation and ensuing courses are incorporated. After this, a student can apply for graduation.

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