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Full form of EPC | Get all information about EPC

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Full form of EPC = Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

EPC Full Form - What is EPC?

EPC has full form Engineering, Procurement and Construction. It is called engineering, procurement and construction in the Hindi language. The EPC is considered a common form of contract in the construction industry. This contract is done between the contractor and the customer. Construction for this project includes all the details about the project, the purchase of the Design Material of the project and the labour and equipment required for the project. It also includes the time frame of the project and the amount to be paid to the contractor. Friends, the client and the contractor should discuss each point in detail to avoid confusion and mismatch with the client's requirement.

Full form of EPC | Get all information about EPC?

Once contracted, it is now the responsibility of the contractor to keep the expenditure within the budget and complete the project within the specified time frame. In this agreement, it is the responsibility of the EPC Contractor to complete the project within the given time and to complete the budget usually in the form of a Lump Sum Turn Key Agreement.

Top 10 EPC companies in India -

  1. Punj Lloyd
  2. IVRCL
  3. GMR
  4. Larson & Toubro
  5. Gammon India
  6. Tata Project
  7. Lanco Infratech
  8. JP Associates
  9. Nagarjuna Construction Company
  10. Hindustan Construction Company

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